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Grilled Steak and Cheese

Some years ago I had an absolutely yummy grilled steak sandwich at a chain restaurant.   That particular restaurant isn’t one we frequent so some time went by before we ate there again, and by this time, they had changed the menu and the sandwich was no longer available.     The other day I had a lovely piece of leftover steak and decided to recreate the sandwich.    Which would have worked out really well, but I didn’t have Swiss Cheese, and the bread I had on hand wasn’t the same either.   It was actually better than what we’d had in the restaurant.    I persevered however, and here’s my version, and it was, very tasty.

I spread some Caesar dressing on the bread, layered my lovely, very thinly sliced steak on it.

And since I didn’t have Swiss cheese, I added some shredded Colby Jack cheese on top, then placed another buttered slice on bread on top of that and placed them in the pan.  Did you know that if you use shredded cheese on any kind of grilled sandwich, rather than sliced cheese, it will melt faster?   Just one of those little facts I like throw in while the food’s cooking.

I was kind of hungry at the point and drooling, which wasn’t a pretty sight at all, however, I wiped my chin, and waited while the sandwiches cooked, well, grilled up in the pan.

The finished result, and yes, one of them has a big bite taken out of it, but I was hungry and it tasted so good.  And at least I took a picture before both sandwiches disappeared.

You need some lovely bread for this, I choose a nice Artisanal baguette, thinly sliced, butter, Caesar dressing, some cheese, and a nice piece of grilled Steak.   My  steak was medium rare, and it did cook a little more, so I would start with a steak cooked a little rarer than you like.    Cooling it before slicing it, is also recommended, as the meat gets a chance to firm up and then you can slice it very thinly.    I actually do refrigerate any leftover steak and slice it thinly the next day and then I freeze it or use it up right away.    Leftover steak can be used in so many dishes.