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Grilled Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Some years ago I had an absolutely yummy grilled steak sandwich at a chain restaurant.   That particular restaurant isn’t one we frequent so some time went by before we ate there again, and by this time, they had changed the menu and the sandwich was no longer available.    I cried, but they wouldn’t relent and make me one anyway.

The other day I had a lovely piece of leftover steak and decided to recreate the sandwich.    I’d had that sandwich on my mind for quite a while, and got this AHA!! moment when I spotted this lovely leftover steak in the fridge.    I didn’t have any Swiss Cheese on hand, and the bread wasn’t the same kind, but I didn’t care, I had the steak and there was a bottle of Caesar dressing in the fridge and the next thing I knew I was putting this together.   I persevered and here’s my version, and it was very tasty.

I spread some Caesar dressing on the bread, layered my lovely, very thinly sliced steak on it.

And since I didn’t have swiss cheese, I added some shredded Colby jack cheese on top (which was not a mistake),  then placed another buttered slice of bread on top of that and placed them in the pan.  OK, so I made myself two sandwiches, but it was from a baguette loaf so the slices were really small, I mean, it only really counts as two slices, really it does.

I was kind of hungry at this point and drooling, which wasn’t a pretty sight at all, however, I was able to summon the patience for them to cook, well, grill up in the pan.

The finished result, and yes, one of them has a big bite taken out of it, but I was hungry and it tasted so good.

You need some lovely bread for this, I choose a nice Artisanal baguette, thinly sliced, butter, Caesar dressing, some cheese, and a nice piece of grilled steak.   Mine was medium rare, and it did cook a little more, so I would start with a steak cooked almost as much as you want it.  Cooling the meat before slicing it, is also recommended, as the meat has a chance to firm up and you can slice it very thinly.   (and dare I confess, I would so go and cook up a nice steak, just so I could make this sandwich again).
And if you have a Panini Press or maybe a George Forman grill, I bet it would work in that as well.  In fact I think I’ll haul my George Foreman out, but first I need to go and cook another steak up.
See you later.

Leftover Roast Beef reborn as Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

I made a lovely rump roast over the weekend, and ended up with a lot left over.  And the question was raised, at least in my mind, what to do with the leftovers.    Now, the piece that was left was lovely and rare, and very lean.  And I knew I could cut it very thin and I could make a nice Beef Dip or French Dip with it.   And I might still, but what got my mouth-watering was a nice Philly Sandwich.   This is not to be confused with the ‘real thing’, this one is the version we’re familiar with down here.    There used to be a restaurant locally that had the best sandwich and when you ordered it ‘all the way’, it came complete with mushrooms and jalapeno’s, the pickled kind.   And it was very, very, good.   The nice cheesy, oniony, peppery, oozy kind of good.   I made many attempts to replicated it and it wasn’t quite right.      But I think I’ve finally nailed it.   *giggle* Just need more cheese the next time and to let it melt into the onion/pepper/mushroom mixture a little more, then again, I like cheese.

Here’s how I put it together.    I sliced up some green peppers, and sautéed them in a little EVOO and butter, just till they were done.  Sliced up some Onions, sautéed them with a little more EVOO and butter, just til they were translucent and then added sliced Mushrooms.  And a little more butter, giggle.  sautéed them all together for a few minutes.



The olive oil is good for you anyway and keeps the butter from browning or burning as easily.

Then I took some very thinly sliced roast beef, some of the veggie mixture and a few slices of pickled jalapeno’s (only add jalapeno’s if you want heat) and put them into a separate pan, and basically let the veggies warm the meat, and finished cooking it a smidge more.   You don’t want to let the meat cook too much more, as it toughens it.  (Trust me on this, I know whereof I speak).   I cut the rolls in half, buttered them and quickly browned them in a pan.   As soon as they were done, I heaped the meat/veggie mixture on top, added a couple of slices of mozzarella cheese, and some shredded cheddar cheese (cause I could), and placed them under the broiler in the oven until the cheese melted.     And there you have it.     And they were good.    Next time, though, I will use provolone cheese, as I think its melt point is better, and makes for a more gooey sandwich.