Monthly Archives: January 2018

Missing? Not really

I’ve neglected this blog, shamefully, actually more than shamefully.  I cast it aside, let it go, didn’t have time I thought to keep up more than one blog.

But it’s now 2018, yikes, already?  And time for me to come on back and share from the other blog I have been keeping up on.   I actually bit the bullet, well, kinda, my teeth aren’t that strong and got my own dedicated blog under my other persona.

Sid’s Sea Palm Cooking

I’ve been working on cookbooks and actually published one last year, have two more in the works with plans for an additional two or more after these.
The cookbook I did release last year was one that celebrated many of the recipes and love that I have for my native land and culture.
I called it Hygge- Danish Food and Recipes.  It’s available on Amazon as both a full color book as well as a Kindle ebook.  You can even borrow it from Amazon and read it.  Although I do hope you’ll purchase it outright.  Hygge 2 f

I will be back, soon…