Tapas Night for May

I had fun yesterday, but then again I have fun most days in the kitchen.

Yesterday however, I had a friend come in and make some of the dishes for Tapas last night, and then she went home and made a strawberry pie and a potato salad to bring.

It all started a while ago, I’d been talking about making Sushi and she asked me if the next time I was making it, would I show her how to do it.

I was kinda in an Asian food mood for Tapas this month, so I arranged with Nancy to come on down and I’d show her how I made Sushi.

It wasn’t hard for her to come either, she lives in the next house down from me.

So we made a few rolls, and then I showed her how I make Spring Rolls, and we had fun.   And when she came down for Tapas, I showed her how to cut them and we taste tested it and they were good.
You cannot be afraid to taste test as you’re cooking.  Or slicing up the food.

I also made some Asian Style Turkey Meatballs, in two versions, one of them gluten-free.  And both were good.  I’ll give you the recipe for those another day.

In the meantime, here are the stars of the night.  And I missed two pictures, bad Sid.   One was of some lovely fish dips and crackers and the other was some sliced meats.
I have to learn to take a big picture of everything on the table.
Next time.
But, here are the dishes that I did get a picture of:

The Spring Rolls, of which there were only a couple left last night.  So, I guess I have to eat them for breakfast along with some of the leftover Sushi.

You didn’t think I was going to let them go to waste?

The Potato Salad Nancy made after our marathon Sushi and Spring Roll session.

Asian Style Turkey Meatballs, I’ll share how I made them a little later.   I was actually quite pleased, but I know I can do better next time.

Mudbugs, or Crawdads.  You have any idea how hard it is to crack the claws and get the meat out of these little guys?

I did try.

Green Salad.   See how pretty?   I love craisins in salads and the walnuts, just amps the salad right up.

This was the best squash casserole.  I noticed some people went back for seconds.

You were looking, huh?

Robin makes such fun vegetarian dishes.

And continuing with the Asian motif, there was this General Tso style chicken dish.   Very, very good.
I love when Mark makes a dish and brings it, it’s always good.

And then there were the desserts:

Brownies, and I managed to get a piece that was corners, I like that the best.

Then there was this Toffee Bar.  Such a simple recipe and not that many ingredients, just lots of butter and sugar, which of course can make anything taste good.    But I wrote down the recipe and I’m going to make it.

Gotta love a good Danish.   And this was pretty darn good too.

Watergate Salad.    One of those dishes that doesn’t know if it’s a dessert or side dish, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s always good.   My MIL used to make this all the time, and I’ve missed it.


The pineapple and Santa Toothpick holder made their appearance as well.    We don’t let Kathleen in without either one of them.

Harriet made a Strawberry Shortcake Trifle dish.  And it was good.

It’s funny but I cannot stand the smell of fresh strawberries, but I do like the taste.

I grew up on a farm and we grew Strawberries, Raspberries and other soft fruits for market.  And one of my jobs as a teen was picking strawberries. I grew to hate dislike the smell of them, but I still like the taste.  And processed into jam, or Rodgrod, they’re just fine.

And finally, there was this Strawberry Pie.  And it was good as well.

And as I said, I missed a couple of pictures but next month I will try to do better, and get an overview of the table, but last night I just enjoyed the company, and it was good as usual.      And the food wasn’t bad either.

I think the diet will start on Monday…


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