Agurk Salat

You ever go to the grocery store with a list and then get everything on that list and nothing more?


Really, you can do that?


Not me.   I go with a list and then usually add to it.  Like last week.


I’m looking at the lemons, and my attention was caught by the cucumbers.       So I picked up a couple.


Took them home, and decided to make some Agurk Salat. Which is basically a fresh cucumber salad/pickle, which my mom would make and serve as a side dish with dinner, goes so well with grilled meat.   And it’s not bad on an open face sandwich either.


Or just straight out of the dish, eaten, before dinner.


Mom made these with regular vinegar, as that is all we had back then, but I would like to think that she would like my version as well.  I like using Rice Vinegar as it is not as acidic tasting and the Cider Vinegar adds a nice tang to it as well.


Agurk Salat

1 cucumber, sliced thin

1/4 cup Rice Vinegar

1/4 cup Cider Vinegar

2  tablespoons sugar (or to taste)



Slice one cucumber, very thinly.  If you have a mandoline, that works, or just use your knife skills.  Which is basically all I do.   Use my knife skills and slice very, very thin, making sure not to get any fingers in the way.  Red and green are great for Christmas, but not in a cucumber dish.


If you want to get a little fancy, just use a zester or the tines of a fork and scrape all the way down the cucumber.  That way when you slice it, you get some pretty designs.



After slicing it, just layer the slices in a dish, I used this small pyrex dish.

Sprinkle salt over the slices, put another layer down, a little more salt until you’ve layered all the slices.  Let it sit for about 15 minutes or so, then basically stir it together to make sure that the salt is evenly distributed.    Walk away from it at this point.  Just for an hour or so, not too long.


Drain the salty cucumber juice from the slices and give it a little rinse if you want with some fresh water.   Then squeeze out the rest of the liquid.    Set the cucumber aside.


Measure out the vinegar and sugar and heat it, stirring it until the sugar dissolves.  You want this to be warm, but not hot.    Place a fresh sprig or two of Dill into the pan, let sit for just a minute then pour over the cucumber slices.

Make sure that they are all submerged in the vinegar.

Taste.  Well, actually you don’t need to taste them at this point, but I wanted to, so I did.


Cover and let sit for an hour or so, then serve.


These are fantastic on some fresh leverpostej (Liverpaste) or on top of a grilled burger or just as a side dish.


If there is any left over, refrigerate them for a couple of days.   I have no idea how long they will stay good for in the fridge, cause they just don’t last that long in our house.


I had some on my lunch today, a lovely pork sandwich.

  I will share how to make a proper Smørrebrød later on, but for now, my lunch is waiting.


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