I cannot believe that this month has flown by like this.  Yikes, it’s almost Christmas and I have done absolutely no baking so far.  At least no Christmas baking.    And my Danish wants out and was insisting on some Brunekager this year.  So I decided to make some.

I found the recipe my brother sent me, and then called him up to clarify the notes he’d made on the photocopied recipe, and along the way I also called one of my sisters to get her take on it as well.  She was telling me about our mothers’ recipe for Brunekager.  And along the way I had a lovely chat with two of my sibs. I have to say, all of my siblings cook and bake.  And they are all extraordinary cooks.   My mom did good.

This recipe is kind of tricky, you need to let the dough rest in the fridge for a couple of days.  My brother says he doesn’t bother rolling it out anymore, he just cuts thin, very thin, slices off of the roll.   However, I remember our cookie making days when I was growing up and mom rolling out the dough, and being very picky about how thin it was.   And we cut them into diamond shapes as well as some rounds as well.  Such good memories, I feel very fortunate to have them.   This cookie is also very highly spiced, and personally, I love them that way.
And umm, I should have paid a little more attention to my brother as he kept on talking about cutting the recipe down a little, as in, he divides the recipe into fourths and only makes that much.   Oh well, I now have enough cookie dough in my fridge to feed an army.  sigh.

And I should add that the recipe was in Danish, so I had to convert the ingredients into English, but more importantly I had to get my scale out and start weighing out everything.

These are the Verdens Bedste Brune Kager  by Anne Skovgaard-Petersen
Worlds Best Brune Kager  (translation)
Recipe in Danish with the English translation to the side.  At least as I made it.

1/2 kg. Smør                                                     1 lb. Butter
1/2 kg. Sukker                                                   1 lb. Sugar
1/4 kg. Sirop  (1 3/4 dl)                                     1 cup Dark Corn Syrup
4 tsk. kanel                                                        4 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsk. nelliker                                                     1 tsp. ground Cloves
1 tsk. ingefær                                                     1 tsp. ginger
15 g Potask                                                       15 g. Ammonium Carbonate
1 spsk hot water                                                1 tbsp. hot water
1 kg. mel                                                            8 cups flour
Slivered almonds for decoration.
Melt the butter over low heat and add the sugar and the syrup.   Just until it all comes together, don’t let it boil.

Add the spices to the mix and give it a good stir.


Take it off the heat.  Dissolve the Ammonium Carbonate in the hot water, and add to the pot.  Stir well.  It will foam up and smell like ammonia at this point, don’t worry, you won’t taste it.   Let this sit for a little while until it’s lukewarm and then start adding the flour, one cup at a time.


At this point I let my Kitchenaid do the work of mixing the flour in.  It doesn’t take long for a stiff dough to form.   Take the dough out and divide up into quarters or more.

Go ahead and knead it a little, you don’t want any air bubbles in there.

You can make a roll of the dough at this point or do as I did and make some rolls, and a couple of disks.   Wrap them well in some plastic wrap and stick them in the fridge for a couple of days.   They need a nice long rest, before baking.

When you’re ready to bake, take one of the rolls out of the fridge and cut thin, very thin slices from them.   I’m just not talented that way and ended up rolling out the cut pieces to get them thin enough.

The cookies should be no more than 1/16 of an inch thick.  Really, that thin.

I also made some diamond ones, cause we always made them when I was a kid.   Just before baking press a little piece of slivered almond on top of the cookie.

I had a regular assembly line going here.

Bake in a 395 deg. oven for about 6-7 minutes or until they just turn brown.

And don’t forget to turn on the timer, cause gee, if you get caught up in trying to get the perfect shot, you can forget that there are cookies in the oven and they will come out like this.

They were a little, umm, over done.

But after all that, so worth the effort, and best of all I have more dough in the fridge, ready to bake.


I have enough for a party.


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