What are Ramps you ask?  Well, I had to.  Ask that is.

Basically Ramps are wild onions gathered and eaten in the spring, usually around May.

I’d seen a few recipes that called for Ramps over the years in various blogs, and they were something that intrigued me, a lot.   I love onions, oniony things of all sorts.   Wait a minute, is oniony a word?  Never mind, I love onions, raw, browned, fried, however you want to fix them, I love them.   Even if I have to go and brush my teeth right afterward cause the onion flavour tends to linger.  TMI?  Never mind.

A chance conversation with some friends a couple of weeks ago led to my being gifted with some Ramps the other day.   I got so excited.   And when I was asked how I was going to fix them, I said immediately, I’m going to sauté them gently

and then fold them into some scrambled eggs and eat some that way.

So I did, and had them for breakfast this morning with some lovely sourdough whole wheat rye bread.  (the bread was some another friend had gifted me, do I have awesome friends or what?)    And OMG, it was so good.   I just have one question, is it too soon to have breakfast again?

Never mind.

Since I’d never cooked Ramps before I did not want to overcook them, so these were a touch undercooked and a bit on the crunchy side, but I ate them anyways.     I have a few left and have plans for them as well.

To start with I cut off the roots, as close to the roots as possible (I didn’t throw them away though, I have plans for them).
Washed them, and then cleaned the top a little, that is the red thing you see.

and another shot

Well, they were so pretty…   Kind of like ART on a plate.

I cut them lengthwise in quarters and sautéed them gently in some butter before I added them to my almost finished scrambled egg.     And when I tasted them, well, gee I can now understand why they have festivals celebrating Ramps.

If you have a chance to try some, please don’t hesitate, and if you have a few extra’s and feel generous, I’m over here.    Just kidding, I think.


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