Review: Jar Key, my newest must have…


I’m so excited, had to share this with everyone.    I get gift certificates to Amazon for birthdays and other special occasions  and tend to bank them up until I get enough to buy something off of my wish list.I had been looking for these Jar Key’s for a long time in stores, and for some reason didn’t think of looking on Amazon for them until a couple of weeks ago.  One of the reason’s I’d been looking for them, my cousin’s husband invented them,  and they sell them all over Europe.  Here’s their link if you want to check them out,  Brix Design   And I was curious as well.  (BTW, they have no idea I’m reviewing this product).    So I ordered one, got it, used it and then bought some more to use as gifts.

This is amazing.   You use it to lever the lid til the button pops, then just unscrew the jar.   No more tapping the lid, or whacking it, or trying to find someone who has strong hands to open that jar.

Nope, just pop and it’s done.

And these little guys come in colors as well.   My first one, was white, but then I found a red one, and orange one and a yellow one and another orange one, giggle.

I’m just going to show the picture of the white one here, and then go look for some more jars to open.   Well, at least I’ll keep the Jar Key handy, and cannot believe it took me so long to buy one, but am so glad I finally got one, well OK, so I bought a few.   Just don’t tell anyone, but I’m using them as gifts, giggle.

It’s going right there with some other essentials in my kitchen, like, the corkscrew and can opener and …..

I’ll be reviewing the other toys, tools as well soon.


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