Penguin Eggs


I’m not really going to tell you how to cook Penguin Eggs, really, I’m not.   But if you want to have some fun with some chicken eggs, the next time you make and bring Deviled Eggs to a gathering or just at home, try holding out a few eggs and make some Penguin Eggs.

I made these for Boat Club and got a lot of positive response, in other words, people laughed and had fun with the idea.

Now for the confession. I had planned on making some Deviled Eggs to bring with me to Boat Club, and so I boiled a dozen eggs.   I then got out my new container, the one made to hold Deviled Eggs and transport them, and counted the slots.  Well, gee, I had more eggs than slots.   And while I knew I could just go ahead and stuff the eggs and put them in the middle, and they would get eaten anyway, I decided to have fun.

I knew I had a can of black olives in the pantry, turns out it was the medium size and you really want the jumbo black olives, if you decide to play with your food too.  But the medium size  worked.
I also had some carrots in the fridge, but unfortunately I just had the slender, dieting type, you do want fatter carrots for this as well.  At least the ends have to be fatter.    But I made it work, cause that’s what I do.   And so what if one of the penguins kept falling off of his feet, I just told everyone he had too much to drink.

To start with, peel a few hard-boiled eggs.  You know how to make hard-cooked eggs and if you don’t have much luck making them, then you need one of these.

I have one I’ve used for a very long time now, they are called Eggsact Egg Timers, and all you have to do is watch the dark lines and you too can make, not only great hard-cooked eggs, you can also make soft-boiled eggs and every version in-between.  Oh and Eggsact Egg Timers have no idea who I am, I just like to share some of the great toys tools I’ve found over the years.

Didn’t mean to get side tracked there, but now that you know how to make a great hard-cooked egg, and you’ve peeled it, you’re ready for the second step.
Set the eggs aside while you open and drain the can of black olives, pick out the best looking and firmest ones.   Then get your carrots out and cut a nice slice off of the top of the carrot.  This is the foot for the penguin.  Cut a little ‘V’ out of the front, and set aside.
OK, you are now ready to assemble.  Oh, and before I forget you do need some toothpicks as well.

Take one of the eggs, and place a black olive on top, slide a toothpick through and into one of the slices of carrot, making sure the ‘V’ you cut is to the front.

And that little ‘V’ you cut out, cut that in half and use it to stuff into the little hole in the olive, and you now have a beak.

Oh, and before I forget, you also want to cut some of the olives up so you can make little wings for the Penguins as well.  Just cut a slit in the side of the egg, and slide a piece of black olive in there.  I cut the olives in fourths for that one.  Just eat the ones you don’t use.  No point in them going to waste.

When you are done with all the Penguins you’re going to make, take the rest of the olives and place them around the Penguins, and serve that way.

For transporting these guys, I did lay them down,

And here they are at Boat Club;

Go forth and have fun with your food.


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