Cream cheese and Maraschino Cherry Pinwheels

Sometimes it’s just plain fun to make something retro.   Well, I think it is.    Cherry Cream Cheese Pinwheels are about as retro as you can get.

A few years ago, I was with one of my sisters when she instructed one of my nieces on the fine points of making these little pinwheels.   They’re a “60’s” or maybe even “50’s” type of canape, but oh so much fun to make, and eat.   You can gussy them up or just do them plain.    And no, you don’t use tortillas for these, you use bread.

See, now you’re curious and want to read more…

Mix two 8 oz. packages of cream cheese with one small jar drained chopped maraschino cherries, taste, then decide you need more flavour, so you add some Grand Marnier.   Maybe two teaspoons, mix together, taste and then  you can add some almond extract or some chopped nuts.    It’s all good.   I stuck with just the Grand Marnier this time, but next time, I’m adding toasted, chopped pecans.

Cut a loaf of bread lengthwise, trim off the crust, either before or if you’re like me, after you slice it.

You then take each slice and roll it out with a rolling-pin.  Yup, you want to flatten that bread into submission.  And be prepared, that bread will try to plump back up again, so you’ll probably need to roll it a little more, before you spread the filling on there.

Spread the Maraschino Cream Cheese spread over the bread and roll up.

Just like this.

Wrap them and put them into the fridge for several hours or even better, overnight.    Take out and slice into slices, and arrange on a pretty plate.   Serve and watch people get nostalgic.

I also had fun with one of the rolls, I tried to  make it into a heart shape, and then cut the slices out.

It kinda worked.     I had fun doing it at any rate, so there.   Garnish the plate with a few sprigs of parsley or cilantro or something to make it look cute.   Which I totally spaced doing cause I got a phone call as I was getting ready to leave and whoosh, that thought left.

After all if you can’t have fun with your food, what’s the point of growing up?


13 responses to “Cream cheese and Maraschino Cherry Pinwheels

  1. I absolutely love this idea and remember these pinwheel sandwiches from when I was a kid. i’m feeling very nostalgic right now! I am going to make a similar recipe for my nephew’s birthday party. Thank you for sharing your recipe:)

  2. Punctuation matters. “Tortillas” is the correct form. The tortillas are not possessive, they are plural.

  3. Thank you, the punctuation has been corrected. However, the point of a cooking blog are the recipes. What did you think of the recipe?

  4. Have an AGM to go to, and was looking for something fun to make/bring! 🙂 Thank you so much for your great instructions and helpful pictures! 🙂

  5. thank you thank you i have been craving these =) you have made my day

  6. These are fabulous, anytime there is a family gathering I try to spy these pinwheels and divinity fudge my two weaknesses 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on YOURS IN STORYTELLING… and commented:
    Okay – here’s a fun and retro recipe that I think I am going to have to try sometime soon.

  8. Can these be made in advance of an event, frozen, then thawed and sliced on that day?

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