February Boat Club Potluck

Since it’s February and Valentines day is just a couple of days away, there was a surfeit of sweet offerings at our February Boat Club Potluck.    Just like last year and the year before.     I thought seriously of making something sweet as well, but decided to just stick with something savoury.   Well mostly savoury.   I made some cream cheese pinwheels as well as Bacon Crackers, which I will detail later.

But for now, here’s the lineup of dishes from this month’s potluck.

Cream Cheese and Maraschino Cherry Pinwheels.  Notice the cute heart shapes in the middle?   I gotta tell you, they weren’t easy to do.

Deviled Eggs, and they were gone before I got a chance to taste one.   (Note to self, make some Deviled Eggs soon.)  OK, now onto the rest.

Cream Cheese and Onion Chutney, sublime together, personally I could just eat the onion chutney by the spoonful.

Never discount a nice potato, these were so good.  Perfectly cooked.

Corn Pudding, done as only Miss Merle can do.  (She’s a legend locally for her pies)

Bacon Crackers, I will post the how-to’s on these later on in the week.   Surprisingly good.

Meatballs!!!  Sorry, but these are very good. and always a great addition.

Cheese and Crackers, always a good choice.  The crackers are gluten-free, and can be bought at Sam’s Club.  I always have some in my cupboard.  And here at the coast they also stay crunchy for a couple of days, very important.

Jello Carrot Salad, hadn’t had this in years, and had forgotten how good it tastes.   And yes, I know it looks a little ORANGE here, but it was orange.

Octopus Salad.  It looked so artistic in the bowl, and was very tasty.  But then again, I like octopus.    I noticed a few people wandering over and looking at it with wonder.    But it disappeared.

Mac and Cheese, you can never go wrong with this dish.   And it was very good as well.  Only problem, now I want more.  sigh, I guess I’ll just have to make some for myself.

Potato Salad.   I didn’t get a taste of this, it was gone before I got there, but I was told it was very good.   Kathy makes wonderful food.

If this looks familiar, well, it’s not the same as the one on Super Bowl, Jon made a fresh batch of beans.  And I think I caught people almost licking the dish clean.   Very very good.

Cheese Ball, with a jam compote in the middle.  However, I fell in love with the dish it was served in.  Presentation really counts.   Now I need to go and see if I can find something similar.  Thrift stores, here I come.

Quinn made Chicken and it was good as usual.    And it disappeared fast.   I love a good fried chicken, and cheer (inside) when I see him carrying in a bowl full of goodness.

Squash Casserole.  I got a shot just as it was being served.   And managed to score a taste as well.   I don’t think I’d ever had Squash Casserole until I moved south, but really, I wish I’d discovered it sooner.

And now for the Desserts….

Strawberry and Chocolate Eclair.    Does that not look luscious?   And it tasted so good too.   Rich, decadent, yummy.    Perfect for Valentines Day.   (I’m going to get the recipe, well, I’m going to ask for it at any rate, and maybe even make it one day.)

Lemon Tarts made with home made lemon curd.   giggle ,  I love Lemon Tarts, and I did get to taste one.   They were superb.

Key Lime Pie, always a winner, and it disappears fast when it’s offered.

Persimmon Pie.   I had never tried Persimmons, and the pie was very interesting.

Cookies, and don’t they look cute with their little chocolate drops on top?  I didn’t try these, cause I was so full from everything else.

So there you have it, a wrap up of the food we got to eat this month at the Boat Club Potluck.


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