Pineapple Pie and more…

I had fun on Thursday, I got to make a bunch of desserts and along the way discovered a couple of neat tricks, which made for a very good day.

And of course we also served our seniors a very nice lunch as well.







Let me start with the menu:
Spaghetti with Meatballs

Johnny Marzetti (Goulash with a Cheese Topping)

Green Salad
Tuna Salad
Pickled Beets
Garlic Bread
Sliced Tomatoes


Tuna Salad
Sliced Tomatoes

Not too shabby, huh? I think we do a good job. Oh and the desserts, well, I had fun. I made a couple of marble cakes, and topped them with some Banana Cream, giggle, so easy to make.

And I threw together three Pineapple Pies as well. I want to share the recipe for them here. They are such an easy, last-minute throw together dessert. Perfect for when unexpected company comes, or you’ve run out of time to make something more elaborate or …. I learned this recipe from Sarge. He said it was something he would throw together when his kids were young, and they needed a quick dessert. All I can say is this, it is so yummy, and popular as a dessert.

Pineapple Pie recipe

3 Graham Cracker crusts, either homemade or bought

2 Quarts Heavy Whipping cream, whipped divided into two bowls after being whipped. **
1 Large Family size box Instant Vanilla Pudding mix
1 15 oz. Can Crushed Pineapple

Make a graham cracker crust, or buy one. I made some crusts, and they are so easy to make. Mix one box of graham crackers made into crumbs with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup melted butter. You want enough butter so that the crumbs stick together. This made enough for 3 1/2 pie crusts. I think I could actually have made 4 but I didn’t have enough filling.

Whip up 1 quart heavy cream til soft peaks form, then fold in 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding. Add 1 can of crushed pineapple, juice and all. Fold together. This will stiffen up because of the pudding. Then divide the filling into three and place one-third of the filling into each pie shell. Top with some more whipped cream. Refrigerate for at least a half hour. Decorate with slices of fresh pineapple to serve. And don’t be surprised if people go for seconds on this.
** If you don’t have fresh cream to whip, go ahead and use some whipped topping in place of the cream. It works very well. Just use 2 (two)8 oz. tubs of whipped topping, 1 1/2 for the filling and half of one for the topping.

And I also made some whipped cream topping for the marble cakes, but this time I added a small box of Banana Cream Instant Pudding to the whipped Cream and used that to ‘frost’ the cakes. They were so good as well. I have to say I got the idea from Robin, because I had gone to the store to get a couple of things and forgot to pick up some more frosting. So instead of making a butter cream frosting from scratch, I whipped up some cream and added the instant pudding mix. You have to try this sometime. It was so good.

You might be wondering why I keep using whipping cream, well, thanks to Farm Share we were given a lot of cream, so we’re using it. I make custards, use it to make our own butter, use it where ever we can. It helps that I’m an ‘old’ farm girl, and I use the term old gingerly, but I was so lucky to grow up on a farm and have a mother who was one of the best cooks ever to teach me how to cook from scratch. And also how to cook using the foods I have available. Thanks to her and my older sisters who I shamelessly ask for hints from, I am a pretty decent cook.


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