Senior’s lunch 3/22

Just in case anyone’s curious, here’s what we’ve been feeding our senior’s the past two weeks.   We do a weekly lunch for a small donation, and work very hard to make balanced, good tasting food.    And I think on the whole we succeed.     Sometimes we have missteps, like me today, I managed to scorch a chocolate sauce I was making and ended up chucking it, but, I persevered and make a good one to pour over the angel food cake we had.   I’ve said before I’ll let you know when I make something that’s inedible, it doesn’t happen often mind you, but it does happen.  

Last week we had fun.    Actually, we seem to have fun most weeks.   And sometimes our timing is off, but for the most part we have the food ready to go by noon.   Lousy picture up there, but the menu was:
Hamburger Steak with Onions
or Shrimp Salad
Green Beans  
Roast Potatoes
Harvard Beets
Glazed Carrots
Rolls and Homemade Butter

We do give people a choice of either meat, and I think for a $3.00 donation, we do pretty good.
Robin made the Hamburger Steaks and she and Janey made the patties. 

  I got busy with Sarge peeling a whole buncha Shrimp that had been donated and since they’d already been cooked we decided to make a salad with them.  And I have to say, it was a hit.    

and of course we also had our other vegetable dishes;

Grilled Onions and those are glazed carrots in the background.
Green Beans
Roast Potatoes
Harvard Beets

Hungry yet?   Just kidding, and this was last weeks lunch.   I’ll post our adventures from this week tomorrow, right now I’m heading for a soft chair and footstool for a little while before I head out the door to go to Trivia Night at a 2Al’s Restaurant.   


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