Senior’s Lunch and my weekly menu

This has been a crazy busy week, between trying to get some stuff caught up, my car going into the shop and everything else, I was so glad I had my menu’s posted on the fridge so I didn’t have to agonize over what to make for dinner every night.  

 And of course this is always subject to change without notice, or at least not much notice.   Although I am still trying to get to the Crooked River Grill for their Friday Fish Fry, again.   They had Cod and some of the best tasting Hush Puppies I’ve had in a long, long time.   I’ll make it over there yet!

Monday night someone else did the cooking, giggle.   We were invited over to a friends house for burgers, and wow were they good.   Bleu Cheese topped with Onion marmalade, cooked in red wine, on a nice meat patty, and some nice arugala.    YUM!!!!  Of course I love onions just about any way you care to serve them.     I’m going to try my hand at this Onion Marmalade some time soon,  or at least just cook up some good onions for myself.   Some Caramelized onions, a touch of BBQ sauce, a slice of raw onion, and a hamburger bun, now that’s a sandwich.  One of my favorite restaurants who have now gone out of business, sigh, used to serve sherry glazed onions, they were so good, hmmm, I think I  will try my hand at that sometime as well.   I mean how can you screw up onions other than blackening them? The more you cook them, the sweeter they get.

I took the picture with my camera phone so the picture sucks a little, but the burger sure didn’t.

Yesterday I headed off to the Senior Center to help cook lunch, and as usual had a blast doing it.   The last 15 minutes or so before we serve can get a little like the Keystone Kops, trying to get all the food finished and ready to be served.    But we have fun and there is a great group of people there who do some awesome work, and we are all volunteers. 
Last week we had the following:

 Sorry, no photo’s of the finished dishes, I got busy and it was more important to get the food out, than to take pictures of the prepared food.   But I think I’m in love with Field Peas n’ Snaps.    The Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls was well received with one exception, we didn’t (read that I didn’t) get enough cabbage in there.   We’ll make it again, and next time put lots more cabbage in it. 
Here’s the menu board board for this week;

But we did have some pork chops left over, from last week, it wasn’t quite enough so we cooked a few more and made some chopped Pork Sandwiches, have to say I’ve paid good money for some that didn’t taste as good as mine did. 

along with the totally yummy Fried Chicken for this week’s lunch.

 Plus Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Squash Casserole,

Sliced Tomatoes,

Pickled Beets,

Biscuits and the desserts, I think our seniors and others had a great lunch.


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