Cream Cheese Ideas

I always have at least one package of cream cheese in my fridge.    The possibilities are almost endless with an 8 ounce package.     And then of course the various iterations of cheese, from full fat, to low-fat to fat-free.     They’re not interchangeable, but close to it.
Here’s some of the things I do with my cream cheese.

  • Add it to mashed potatoes for an extra bit of richness
  • Make cheese balls, with all kinds of flavourings
  • Make Smoked Salmon Spread
  • Bake a Cheesecake
  • Pour  Mango Chutney over it and serve with crackers
  • Make Crab Rangoons, or just put some inside some wonton wrappers and fry or bake them
  • Make a mock Alfredo sauce with the low-fat version
  • Make a Bologna Cake for a fun appetizer
  • Mix with sausage and stuff some jalapeno’s
  • Add to some cheese and stuff some mushrooms

Get the drift?

Stuffed Jalapeno’s
Bologna Cake
Stuffed mushrooms with cheeses

Have fun with your cream cheese.


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